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10 tips that will make moving to a new home easier for your kids and pets

10 tips that will make moving to a new home easier for your kids and pe

Moving to new home can be stressful for everyone in the family, including your kids and pets.

While you might be preoccupied with the necessary transactions and paperwork, your children may be dreading the idea that they are leaving their school, friends, and even just their room for something largely unknown. Your pets will also find themselves in unfamiliar territory, which can cause plenty of anxiety and agitation.

Below are tips and strategies you can use to make relocating easier for your children and pets:

Before moving day

  1. Maintain a positive demeanor throughout your preparations. Whenever there’s an opportunity, show your children that you are excited about the move to help them overcome their sadness and worries about leaving.
  2. Visit your new home a few times so everyone can familiarize themselves with the new environment – both inside the house and around the property.
  3. Explore your future neighborhood together. Show young kids the nearest playgrounds and older kids local attractions and places where they can hang out. Take your pets out to your neighborhood park so they can get acquainted with the sights, sounds, and smells of the area.
  4. Keep the children involved when making decisions, even for simple matters like choosing rooms and how to decorate them. Make the kids feel that their opinions matter, instead of feeling forced into a situation they don’t like.
  5. Take your pets to the vet for a checkup. You might not be able to find a vet in your new neighborhood right away so make sure they are at the pink of health when you move. The vet might also prescribe medication that will help your pet deal with the anxiety of changing homes.
  6. Make a game out of packing (and later, unpacking) if you have small kids. Not only will this check one item off your to-do list, it can also help build their excitement for the move.
  7. Organize a goodbye party. Gather your neighbors, friends, and family for a fun and pleasant sendoff. This will put everyone in the right mood as your family embarks on a new chapter in your life.

On moving day

  1. Keep an “essentials kit” separate from everything else that gets loaded into the moving truck. Be sure to prepare a few sets of extra clothes, basic toiletries, a first-aid kit and other emergency medicines, and diapers and wipes if you have a baby.
  2. Keep a few toys and books for your kids handy if you’re traveling for several hours. Bring your pet’s favorite plushie or chew toy, too. These will keep them entertained during the trip, and serve as security blankets when they arrive.
  3. Bring your kids and pets when you meet the neighbors. This is a good time for your children to get to know their peers around the community. Your pets can also benefit from meeting the neighbors. It can help put them at ease with the new crowd they will be sensing around your new home from now on.

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