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3 of the Benefits of Downsizing, No Matter Your Age

Traditionally, people who downsize are seniors. While seniors continue to comprise a large portion of downsizers, individuals of all ages realize the benefits of moving to a smaller home. Check out our list of benefits to help you decide whether to downsize.

  1. Downsizing Reduces Clutter and Stress
  2. Is your desk cluttered? Do you have trouble finding your kitchen counters? Is there a closet you avoid opening because of the inevitable avalanche? Any time that you live with clutter, you add stress, anxiety, and even guilt to your life. Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner’s Psychology Today article explores the mental effects of clutter, and other studies show that people living in clutter live in chaotic environments.

    Downsizing forces you to reduce the amount of clutter – and the associated chaos – in your life. When you declutter, you enjoy mental and physical benefits, such as being more focused and able to concentrate for longer periods of time, feeling more creative, sleeping better, improving your mood, and letting go of things both literally and figuratively.

    But, decluttering can be an overwhelming task. Fortunately, here are several tips for living clutter-free, which you can apply to your life from here on out:

    • Remove clutter while packing and unpacking
    • Develop sound cleaning and organization habits from the first day in your new home
    • Store items wisely
    • If you don’t wear it, don’t keep it
    • Be a shrewd shopper and ask yourself critical questions before making purchases

    The tip that trips up most people is the idea to wear it or ditch it. For some reason, we hate to get rid of clothes, yet they are a major source of clutter. Experts suggest that you “assess each item of clothing during its season. When you bring out the winter clothes, take the opportunity to discard any old sweaters that no longer fit. When the temperature starts heating up, sort through your bathing suits, shorts, and tees.”

    By continuing to get rid of clothing that you and your family don’t wear, you won’t need as much closet or storage space. You’ll also be able to make some extra cash selling gently used clothing at a garage sale, online, or to a secondhand store; or, you’ll feel good when you donate it to a local charity.

  3. Downsizing Saves Money
  4. Let’s face it. Living in a house that is too big means that you buy things you don’t need, just because you have space for them. People spend money to fill up spaces in their homes, which is why you have duplicate sets of bathroom and kitchen supplies, cooking utensils, and furniture pieces. As home sizes have grown, people purchase twice as many material goods as 50 years ago, and credit card debt averages $15,950.

    Living in a home that is too large for your needs also means spending more money on utilities and maintenance. According to U.S. News & World Report, downsizing can save you a lot. The financial benefits of downsizing may mean a reduced or eliminated mortgage payment, lower property taxes, lower property insurance, and reduced utility costs.

  5. Downsizing Saves Time
  6. When you downsize, you naturally lead a more minimalist lifestyle. A smaller home requires less cleaning and maintenance. Smaller homes typically sit on smaller parcels of land, so you’ll spend less time mowing, shoveling snow, and taking care of the exterior of your home, too. Having fewer daily chores, and having chores that take less time, means you will have more time to spend with friends and family, more time relaxing, and more time loving your new lifestyle.

    Downsizing is ideal for people of any age. When you downsize, you reduce clutter and stress. You also save money and time by moving to a smaller house.