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4 effective ways to boost your home’s value

4 effective ways to boost your home’s value

It’s only natural to want your home to sell for a high price. After all, you put in good money to own it in the first place.

Increasing the value of a home involves a great deal of preparation and strategy. It’s not just about making your home the flashiest in your neighborhood; in fact, that’s probably even counterintuitive to your goal of making a great sale.

So how do you enhance your home to make it worth more? Here are our recommendations:

  1. Invest in a good paint job

    A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. It can liven up living spaces and cover up stains and blemishes that have accumulated over the years. The right shade can also set the appropriate mood for certain living spaces – warm hues like beige for the main and guest rooms, for example, or subdued grays and blues for intimate spaces like the dining area.

    Hiring professionals to do it affords you convenience, but this home improvement project is simple enough to do on your own. Just be careful not to paint over any damage on your walls. Get these repaired first to prevent delays when the buyer gets the home inspected.

  2. Use your home’s curb appeal to make a strong first impression

    Nothing sets the tone for a positive and productive home showing than a good first impression. The following are smart projects to invest in to improve the exterior of your house:

    • A professionally landscaped lawn
    • Fresh and healthy plants, including flowers in bloom in time for home viewings
    • Clean exterior walls, windows, and roofs
    • New or updated light fixtures that illuminate the home’s best outdoor features at night
    • Repairs for cracks on the pavement along your driveway and footpaths

    These improvements will send the right message that the property is well taken care of – even though your potential buyer hasn’t taken a single step inside your home.

  3. Make your kitchen and bathrooms stand out

    The kitchen and the bathroom are the parts of the house that are most scrutinized by discerning home buyers. Get the best returns on your renovation investments by making smart changes that benefit these high-use areas. Here are some key changes you can make:

    • Upgrade to high-end, stainless steel kitchen appliances
    • Repaint, stain, or replace old cabinet doors
    • Replace worn and stained countertops and backsplashes
    • Clean, repair, or replace old faucets and other plumbing fixtures
    • Fashion your bathrooms like a luxurious spa with fresh white towels and scented candles
    • Invest in new and stylish door handles that fit the design scheme of your bathroom
  4. Make the home flow better with an open floor plan

    Modern home buyers are big on the open floor concept so consider removing walls to achieve better flow between living areas. Knocking down unnecessary walls can also brighten up spaces, making them more pleasant
    and appealing.

    Be careful with this remodeling strategy though. Work closely with your contractor to make sure you avoid tearing down load-bearing walls and make
    your ceiling collapse.

    Avoid removing walls to combine bedrooms, too. Buyers prefer higher bedroom counts when shopping for homes.

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