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Beef up your home security with these tips and tricks

Dallas is known for its peaceful neighborhoods. Nevertheless, it never hurts to take extra measures to keep your household safe and secure. Here’s what to do for your privacy, security, and peace of mind at home.

  1. Mow the lawn
  2. Burglars and stalkers often hide under long grass and behind thick shrubbery as they monitor goings-on inside the home. Give them no place to hide by regularly mowing your lawn. This will give a clear view of exits and entryways so you can easily spot any suspicious activity.

    Another neat trick is to grow thorny plants and flowers around doors and windows. Although these plants won’t deter criminals, intruders can scratch themselves on these plants and leave behind crucial DNA evidence that would link them to the scene.

  3. Put up signs and stickers
  4. If you’re beefing up your home with CCTVs and alarms, you could turn it up a notch by posting signs and stickers about them around your home. This can act as a deterrent and prevent possible security breaches.

    However, take care not to reveal the brand of your surveillance and alarm system to avoid smart burglars from hacking into your system.

  5. Keep a light on
  6. No matter the time of day, you should let people believe you’re home by always keeping a light on. This can make potential burglars think twice about trespassing into your home even when you’re really away.

  7. Install key racks and holders in safe places
  8. When hiding your keys, always keep them in safe places. Never leave your keys behind or near the door since burglars can fish them through an adjacent window or letterbox. Also, don’t keep your spare keys in obvious places like under the rug.

    The best place to keep your keys is by your side like on your nightstand when you sleep at night. If you have an alarm on your car keys, for example, you could easily press it if a burglar were to break into your home. This could startle them and call the attention of the neighbors. Then in the event that you need to vacate the home during a break-in, your keys will be easier to find.

  9. Work with your neighbors
  10. Join your local neighborhood watch or start a group if there isn’t any in your area. Get to know your neighbors and be an active member of the community so that people will quickly notice if something’s amiss in your home. Break-ins are generally less common in neighborhoods where residents look out for each other.

  11. Be careful when sharing your location on social media
  12. When the cat is away, the mice will play – so stay mum on your location in social media posts. Burglars could use information made public on Twitter or Instagram to target homes left by owners who are out on business or vacation. Postpone your excitement to share photos of your trips until after you get back home.

    The same is true if you’re home alone. Never announce that you’re home by yourself. Posting about this is an invitation to sinister individuals who might think you’re easy prey.

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