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Dallas Museums to Visit

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With an incredible variety of exciting landmarks, hot spots, and much more in between; Dallas is quickly becoming a firm favorite amongst tourists and sight-seeking enthusiasts. One particular aspect of interest is the variety of museums that this region has to offer – from the elaborate and baroque, right through to smaller, more thematic variants open to the public.

If you’re planning on visiting Dallas any time soon, getting to grips with the stunning variety of museums could be well worth planning for. Here’s a closer look at some of the most iconic ones to explore.

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Part science, part of nature, and all great fun – the Perot Museum is broken up into three wings to appeal to a broad range of interests. Whether you’re keen to play engineer for a day by designing a bird and then flying it with a unique 3D adventure, or if you’d prefer to experience what a real-life earthquake would feel like; the Perot boasts these options and much more. It’s also a part of the Green Building Initiative, and obtained the best rating possible for its size.

The African American Museum

This quaint museum is one of the more thematic on our list, and as its name might suggest, it features an astounding look at African American culture and history within its beautiful walls. From artwork and photography, right through to historic relics dating back centuries; this museum is ideal for those interested in this beautiful heritage.

The Dallas Museum of Art

With over 24,000 individual pieces of art on show, this museum is every inch a creator’s paradise. Featuring art from many different eras (including a special focus on 19th to 20th century artwork), this landmark could be the ideal tourist destination. It also makes for a unique school outing experience too, where students can really get to grips with some of the most iconic pieces in the United States.

The Dallas Holocaust Museum

It was almost 30 years ago when the Dallas Holocaust Museum was initially founded by more than 100 survivors of this tragic period in time. With three undeniably emblematic exhibitions to view in great detail, you’ll be able to get as close to the events as humanly possible; learning just how terrifying the Holocaust was for the victims involved. The two remaining exhibitions are dedicated to human rights, as well as the preceding years after the events of the Holocaust, and this museum is a must for anyone that wants to learn more about the hows and whys of the entire era.

These are just a handful of the stunning museums available for public visitation in Dallas. A few more honorable mentions include the iconic Nasher Sculpture Center designed by Peter Walker and Renzo Piano, the Frontiers of Flight Museum, and the Meadows Museum – all of which are well worth visiting if you’re traveling through the area.

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