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Drinking around North Dallas

group of friends drinking

North Dallas is considered to be an area of wonderful communities and dynamic enterprises. But the moment the sun goes down, get ready to be caught in the eclectic and vibrant nightlife here. Your favorite drinks are never simply drinks to wash down the pressures of the day because they go with fantastic food, toe-tapping, pulsating live music, great sports action, and an ambiance like no other.

Check out these great places where North Dallas come alive at night:

Green Elephant
5627 Dyer Street

Dyer Street comes alive starting 9 PM in this sprawling Dallas bar where you can either swing and groove to live performances or simply chill and hang out with friends – the choice is yours. Their online calendar of events will keep you posted on their live music events. Their big backyard patio, meanwhile, is for winding down and enjoying the evening. Did we mention that they serve great food and your favorite choice of drinks?

Milo Butterfingers
5645 SMU Boulevard

Milo Butterfingersis a Dallas institution, having been around since 1971. Here’s some trivia: the bar scenes in the award-winning movie starring Tom Cruise, Born on the Fourth of July, were shot here.

More than its rich history, Milo Butterfingers is also a sports bar. Here, you can dine, drink, and be merry with friends while cheering for your favorite teams as you watch them on at least 15 TVs scattered around the venue. Or you can have some action of your own at the pool or foosball tables, as well as the dartboard areas.

Inwood Tavern
7717 Inwood Road

After being in operation for more than 50 years, Inwood Tavern has perfected its craft. This bar has gone through an evolution of sorts from your typical seedy spotfor solid drinking to the venue it is now where the staff knows you by name and the atmosphere is almost homey. It is Dallas residents’ favorite spot for great beer, fantastic food, and awesome live music on weekends.

Time Out Tavern Sports Bar
5101 W. Lovers Lane

The walls and decor of this venue are filled with sports memorabilia. It has the most mind-blowing array of ales, beers, and spirits. The vibe here is vibrant and full of energy. That’s why it’s no surprise that Time Out Tavern Sports Bar claims the title, the Best Sports Dive in Dallas. Choose your poison/passion – would it be your standard local or craft beer, or would it be something classier like champagne or a Dom Perignon? Whatever it is you’re craving for, you’re sure that this upbeat bar will have it – and more.

The moment the sun sets on North Dallas, you can be assured that there will always be something to color your evenings with its vibrant nightlife and the fantastic bars that make it so. Check out how living here can be fun and exciting by settling here.

And when you decide to make that move, the Wanda Charles Group can help you find the best homes in the area. Call us at 317.674.6949 or send an email to wanda(dotted)charles(at)cbdfw(dotted)com today.