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Everyone is Moving to Dallas – Here Are 6 Reasons Why

Excited Family Carrying Boxes Into New Home On Moving Day

More than 145,000 people moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area in 2017, making it the fastest growing metro in the United States for the year. In 2016, around 80,000 moved to Dallas, and the average number of movers to the city has grown to 300 per day.

Why is everyone moving to Big D? Here are 6 good reasons:

  1. A booming economy
    For a long time, Dallas has been in the top ten cities in the United States with the fastest-growing economies. Many people associate Dallas with oil, but in reality, oil and gas extraction is not the top money-making activity in the city. Dallas’s biggest industries are manufacturing, construction, health services, IT services, and transportation. In 2014, the city had the highest GDP per capita in the country.
  2. Job opportunities
    Dallas is home to over 20 Fortune 500 companies – the second highest density of Fortune 500 companies in the country. As of 2014, the city had created more than 400,000 jobs since the recession, and in the first five months of 2018, the Dallas-Fort Worth area notched a net growth of 55,000 jobs. The city’s unemployment rate of 3.9% is significantly lower than the United States‟ 5.2%. Job growth over the next 10 years is forecasted to be 42.3%, which is higher than the national average of 38%.
  3. Affordability
    Dallas is far more affordable compared to other major cities in the US, such as New York, Miami, and Illinois. According to, the cost of living in Dallas has gone up 2% in 2018, compared to 17% in Philadelphia, 80% in San Francisco, and 129% in New York. Housing and utilities costs in Dallas – the biggest components for the cost of living here – are just 4% above the national average. Groceries, on the other hand, are 6% less than the national average. Dallas residents do not pay state and local taxes, and a sales tax of only 8.25% does not apply to food.
  4. The weather
    Dallas experiences four seasons without the extreme conditions that its northern counterparts get, except in very rare occasions. The weather here is generally great all year round, with highs of 76 degrees F in the summer and lows of 55 degrees F in the winter. Dallas gets 234 days of sunshine, which residents soak up in the numerous parks and open spaces around the city.
  5. Arts and culture
    Dallas has a diverse culture. As with the rest of the Texas, the city loves country music and rodeo, but it also has more to offer. The Dallas Museum of Art is one of the 10 largest art museums in the United States, and features an extensive collection that represents a wide range of global cultures spanning 5,000 years of history. Other top arts and cultural attractions in the city include the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, the Dallas Heritage Village, the JFK Memorial, and the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.
  6. Great neighborhoods
    Dallas is home to some of the best neighborhoods in the country, featuring beautiful properties in a wide range of prices and sizes, as well as numerous dining, shopping, and nightlife destinations. Dallas’s neighborhoods also feature well-maintained parks and open spaces, encouraging residents to enjoy the outdoors and have an active lifestyle. The city has an excellent transportation system that allows an easy commute between neighborhoods.

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