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Increasing Your Home’s Value Need Not be Expensive

balancing money in buying a house

If you’ve decided that the near future is the ideal time to sell your home, then congratulations. No matter the size of your property and regardless of its age and location, there are several tried and tested ways to increase its value without having to spend a fortune to do so.
We’ve all heard stories about adding entire extensions in an attempt to improve a home’s value, but that’s not always a necessity. In this post we’ll be exploring different ways that you could contribute to its market price, ready for sale.

Consider Your Entry-Points

Some of the first things that a viewer will look at when considering whether or not to buy a home are the entry points. From your front door to your garage entrance; the better they look, the more welcoming your home could be. This can be an easy upgrade with a quick clean, or you might want to go a little bit further and invest in replacement parts; including window panels, fresh sections of aluminum, or a brand new door.

Declutter Your House

Homes are to be lived in, so it’s not uncommon for a property to get a little cluttered from time to time. Just as you’d dress up for an interview, you’ll undoubtedly want to properly prepare your home for a viewing. Before a scheduled visit, why not tidy up by placing loose items neatly away in storage and run the vacuum cleaner around?

A Fresh Lick of Paint Can Go a Long Way

Over time, the exterior of our homes can develop stains from algae, or chip and flake due to the weather. The same can be said for the inside of your home; albeit with the main concern relating to color fading and grime build-up. Paint can be one of the most affordable products on the DIY market, and for under a couple of hundred dollars you could re-do the most afflicted areas and give your property a brand new esthetic in the process.

Update Your Flooring

This particular technique will vary depending on the type of flooring that your home features, but generally speaking a thorough clean could be all that’s needed to give it a face-lift. This could definitely be the case for laminate flooring, carpets, hardwood surfaces, and tiles – and you could go even further by applying waxes, polishes, or re-filling grout if necessary. If you’re really fed up of the condition of your flooring, certain types such as laminate aren’t overly expensive, or you could simply opt for rugs for a quick fix and to provide a more ‘homely’ feel when it comes time for a potential buyer to visit.

If you don’t mind investing a little, you might want to consider upgrading the look and feel of your bathroom or kitchen as these are often the most impression-giving parts of your home. They’re likely to set the tone for the rest of your property, too. The Wanda Charles Group will be happy to help you with valuing your home. Get in touch with us today at this website or call us at 317.674.6949.