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Know if your Realtor is the perfect fit with these questions

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In the dark on what to ask a potential agent whom you’re considering for your real estate transaction? To guide you in your search, we prepared some questions and requirements that will reveal if they are the best fit for you and the task ahead.

References, please.

References from past clients can go a long way in knowing an agent better, sometimes, even more than what an illustrious roster of accomplishments on their website can say. These references can tell you about the agent’swork ethic, if they were able to get the best results, and the quality of communication between client and agent. Previous clients can also point out any specific pros/cons that you may otherwise have missed.

Beware the agent who is reluctant to provide references. This could indicate a less-than-satisfactory performance in their previous dealings with clients or a newbie.

Do you have “comps?”

A Realtor adept at their job will know what “comps” are. This is actually a nickname for the comparative market analysis that provides detailed information on homes that are for sale and those recently sold in the area. This is needed to come up with a reasonable price for your home. It also estimates the usual length of time before a house in an area gets sold. If they can properly interpretthese comps, you get a good idea ofthis potential agent’s fundamental knowledge of market trends in the area and their capability to communicate technical real estate lingo in the simplest of terms. And speaking of market trends…

What kind of market are we looking at here?

More than simply being able to explain the more technical terms of the real estate market to you, a great agent is one who keeps track of trends and developments in the area you’ve set your eyes on. They have to be in the know about an area’s history, as well as where it’s headed. You may want a home in a certain area that’s quiet and peaceful for now. If this agent advises you against it due to knowledge that a commercial complex will be rising two blocks away in two years’ time, then you’ve got a keeper.

How will you sell my home?

Here is where you’ll dig into this potential agent’s marketing strategy, especially if you’re on the hunt for someone to help you sell your property. Every real estate agent should be savvy enough to know how to maximize the use of digital technology to put your home out in the open. They should be able to post your home in a multiple listing service (MLS) and give recommendations on how to make your listing stand out among the rest. They have an updated website where they could also market your home for sale. However, they do not discount the effectiveness of yeolde “For Sale” sign on your front yard, as well as other more traditional marketing methods like print ads or brochures/flyers. You should also discuss open houses with them and the number of times they plan to have these.

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