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How to make your condo more eco-friendly

How to make your condo more eco-friend

It’s never too late to turn to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

A common misconception is that going green is a luxury. While it may cost some money at the beginning, what you put out will yield greater returns in the form of lower utility bills and a healthier, more comfortable home.

Here are four ways to be a more environmentally conscious condo owner:

  1. Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances

    This is one of the easiest ways to go green because you are not making any structural changes to your home.

    If you are moving into a move-in ready unit, check how old the included appliances are. Chances are, many of them are already outdated.

    Be mindful of the energy efficiency ratings of the appliances that you buy. In the US, the Energy Star rating is a reliable standard you can review.

    Don’t limit your focus to big appliances like the refrigerator or air conditioner. Update your light bulbs, too. Switch to LED, which tends to shine brighter and last longer while consuming less power.

  2. Be mindful about unplugging and switching off

    Here’s a good habit to start. While some appliances, like the AC or refrigerator, must be plugged in at all times, others like your TV, computer, or
    coffee maker, can be unplugged.

    If you like arranging your electrical wires and sockets so that they are out of sight, a convenient way to “unplug” is to use a power strip with an on/off switch.

    Not only is unplugging good for your condo’s energy consumption, it also makes your condo safer from potential fire hazards.

    Similarly, turn the lights off in empty rooms. Consider installing smart lighting systems that include automated, sensor-operated switches.

  3. Invest in low-flow shower heads.

    In addition to watching your energy consumption, reducing water waste is a step in the right direction.

    Standard shower heads release water at 2.0 to 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) at 80 pounds per square inch (psi). Low-flow shower heads can cut this down to as low as 1.6 gpm, without sacrificing the quality and feel of your shower experiences.

    Low-flow shower heads range in price from as low as $10 for basic, plastic ones to more than $100 for name-brand, designer models.

  4. Choose reusable products

    A lot of everyday items in your home can be switched in favor of more eco-friendly, reusable items:

    • Get rechargeable batteries for appliances that still use hand-held remotes (as opposed to the growing range of voice-activated appliances today).
    • Use cloth napkins and canvas shopping bags as alternatives to paper or plastic. Beeswax and silicone materials are excellent replacements for the traditional plastic food wrap.
    • Opt for bamboo or stainless steel straws instead of single-use plastic ones.
    • Bring reusable water bottles or tumblers instead of frequently buying bottled water from stores.

Make the most of your condo lifestyle in the outstanding communities of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Get more practical tips from local real estate authority, the Wanda Charles Group. Call 317.674.6949 or email wanda(dotted)charles(at)cbdfw(dotted)com today for more information.